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Rush Sig Tau:


What is Rush? Rush is the recruitment ritual college students interested in Greek Life go through. Rush involves a series of social events designed to help potential and current fraternity brothers get to know each other. Potentials use rush events to decided which fraternities are a good fit for them. At the end of rush, bids are given to the potentials that are decided to fit best in the fraternity, and the potentials may choose which bids to accept.


Sigma Tau Gamma is looking forward to this upcoming Rush season! If you are interested in rushing with Sig Tau, please fill out the form to the right and we will get in contact with you. If you know someone that may be interested in rushing with us, you can recommend them here. 

New Member Educaution

The new member education program is called the Path of Principles. The Path of Principles is a lifelong member develop program. It begins with an understanding of the Fraternity and what it takes to be successful as a college student. This period will assist them in overcoming some of their concerns about success in college.


During this time, new members will participate in weekly meetings to learn about the university and the chapter, leadership retreats, community service projects, and activities designed to build friendships among the new members and the older members. The Path of Principles program is eight weeks long. New members are associated at the beginning of the program and initiated as a full member at week four. The final four weeks of the program are designed to allow for the new member to job shadow the chapters executive board.


Sigma Tau Gamma has a strict no hazing policy. Read our Risk Management Policy. Members of Sigma Tau Gamma are taught respect and understanding of all of their brothers and as a result hazing is not tolerated. Each year, every chapter of Sigma Tau Gamma, must agree not to haze. Sigma Tau Gamma opposes hazing and is committed to a membership education period which instills a sense of responsibility and commitment in the new members. 

If you have any questions about Sigma Tau Gamma, Greek Life, UCM, please contact us.

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