Alpha Chapter House

UCM Sigma Tau Gamma, Alpha Chapter's chapter house is located at 708 South Holden Street in Warrensburg, Missouri, just south of Fitzgerald Dormitory and Dining hall. The chapter house provides accommodations for 40 members and includes private living suites, common areas, dining facilities, study room, laundry room, and workout equipment. The house is located right by the University of Central Missouri campus and is a minutes walk from the UCM Elliott Student Union.

Suite Style Living Area

Suite Style Living Areas


The house includes five living suites that include living quarters for eight (8) members each. Each suite contains four bedrooms and two bathrooms, shared living area and kitchen. Each room has its own climate control system. Two members share each bedroom and four members share a bathroom.

Common Living Areas


The chapter has several common areas for meetings, watching television, and playing pool or other games. The common areas provide opportunities to conduct chapter business, work on group projects, and spend time bonding with one another.

Computer Room



The cornerstone of the fraternity is its dedication to academics and scholarship. The chapter boasts the highest grade point average amount fraternities on campus and well above all the all campus average. The house provides a computer/study room for group and individual projects with two desktop computers and a printer. The house also has a high-speed wireless network available to all residents free of charge.

TV Room
Highest Grades at UCM




Two brothers share one bedroom in an eight-person suite. Each bedroom connects to a common living area that helps encourage bonding with one another.

Housing in Warrensburg

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